Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Alpha 'X Marks the Spot'

Greetings, travelers! I have another new font to share with you today. It's called 'X Marks the Spot. When I was thinking of making it, I wanted to use the 'Pieces of Eight font by Steve Ferrera that was used for 'Pirates of the Caribbean; however, the font has no lower case, and I try to avoid those as much as possible. Of course, there are times when I fall madly in love with a lower caseless font and must use it regardless. *laughs*

So, I found a font called 'Freebooter' by Graham Moore at Gem Fonts. It's not quite as piratey as 'Pieces', but it works with the alpha nonetheless.

The usual blah, blah, blah with my TOS applies, but feel free to use the alpha any way you would like within those restrictions. As always, a link back to this blog is appreciated, as is a mention of it when you share the alpha in groups.

'Nuff said! The previews and 4shared link to the zip file for the alpha are below. Enjoy!


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