Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hello, fellow travellers of the web, and welcome to Blue Nile Graphic Designs! I haven't posted in a bit, due to a number of other commitments, such as doctors appointments, working on new alphas, and getting involved in a  new business, LegalShield, prepaid legal and identity theft services that I am convinced that no one should be without! However, I am not going to try to sell you on the services today. What I want to do is offer a little holiday signature tag that I am selling on behalf of a couple of charities I have gotten interested in due to some of the activities I have participated in as a part of Team Parent, the group established by my LegalShield sponsors, Michelle and Robin, plus one I have been interested in for a while.

The first charity is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation. This is one of the causes I have espoused for some time now, along with other projects whose goals are to help cure cancer of all kinds. Having lost my 33 year old niece, Laura Beth, to colon cancer back in 2011, I have become extremely interested in see a cure for every kind of cancer. NO ONE should have to suffer through the kind of pain cancer causes, not only to the person with it, but to everyone around them.

The other charities I am interested in supporting are the Special Needs Network, which offers resources, programs and advocacy to families of individuals with autism, and their families; and the National Alliance for Mental Illness - NAMI, which offers support , advocacy and education about mental Illness.

If you would like to lend your support to any of these organizations, you can do so by purchasing one of my Halloween signature tags... they will be personalized with any name you wish, at a cost of $1.00 for each tag. To order, please send an email to penneyn@gmail.com with the subject line 'Halloween Tags with the name or names you wish to have on the tags. When they are complete, I will contact you to arrange payment. Tags will be sent out via email when payment for them has cleared. A sample of the tag is below. Thanks for helping those who need it!