Friday, April 3, 2015

New Easter Alpha Chocolate Easter Egg Bunny

Pre-Easter greetings, visitor! I am happy to say that for once, I have finally managed to get a holiday project done before the holiday itself! *laughs* I am delighted to present you with my Easter alpha, Chocolate Easter Egg Bunny. I got the idea for the little chocolate bunny/egg, or egg/bunny, as the case may be, from a newsletter that I got in an email. I thought, 'Well, that's really cute! Maybe I can do something similar..." And thus, was the egg shaped bunny born! I am particularly fond of it, so I will likely will be doing a scrap based on it as well, though the chances of that getting done before Easter are slim to none!

At any rate, for those who are interested, the preview and the 4shared link for the alpha are below. Please be so kind as to abide by my TOS and provide a link back here to the blog if you use it for an Easter page, for a sig tag or something similar or if you chose to share in an alpha collection group. Happy Easter!

 photo bngdchocobunnypreview_zpszid64oz1.png

Chocolate Easter Egg Bunny Zip

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