Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Alpha - Watermelon Summer

Greetings, fellow scrappers and welcome to Blue Nile Scrap Designs! As you can see it has been a bit since I have done any new scraps... I've been busy trying to see if I could recover the scraps I lost in my recent computer crash. In the meantime I have decided to combine my Alphas by Lady Red and Lady Red Designs sites with BNSD... two websites are easier to maintain than four, you see, so all I'll have will be this site and my personal web site, Penney's Place, which I will be moving to blogger as well. That way. I can keep everything updated on a day to day basis... right now my old Penney's Place at Host Ultra hasn't been updated since winter of 2010! Hopefully combining everything into just two sites will enable me to keep everything current which is something I haven't been doing.

So to celebrate the merger, I am sharing my latest alpha, Watermelon Summer, with everyone here. The prieview is below, as is the 4 Shared link to download it. As always, please follow my TOU, which is pretty lenient. All I ask is a link back to this site so others can come and look over my offerings to see if anything tickles their fancy.

The font I used for the alpha has no lower case letters, so the fill pattern is included in the zip in the event that some creative soul would like to make some lower case letters of their own.


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  1. I highlighted your freebie on my Monday's Guest Freebies post today. Thank you.