Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Alpha, Pearls for Michelle

My granddaughter, Michelle, will be turning 18 in June, and since her birthstone is a pearl, I decided to make this alpha for her; her favorite color is (or was -- with a teenager, these things can change from day to day! *laughs*) purple, so with the help of Color Schemer, I cobbled up a theme on that and complimentary colors.

The idea for the alpha came from Shawna's Wire Word Tutorial at Scrap Stuff with PSP. She has some of the coolest tutorials I have seen, both for Paint Shop Pro and for Photoshop. My only disappointment is that she hasn't posted any new tutorials in a while, but I keep hoping to visit some day soon and find some new things to amaze me!

As said in the post below, the usual rules apply, so I won't repeat them because that gets SO boring... but if you need a reminder, my TOS is in the right hand column just a bit down the page. The preview of the alpha and the 4shared link are below. I hope you enjoy the alpha!

Pearls for Michelle by Blue Nile Scrap and Alpha Design

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