Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas - About Two Weeks Late!

It isn't quite Valentine's Day as I predicted yet, but I did finally get my Christmas scrap done .... hurray! I'm going to try to work on both a New Year's scrap AND a Valentine's scrap, so just maybe I'll be able to have the Valentine's scrap up before the holiday arrives! *laughs*

I'm also working on several everyday scraps that I hope to finish and have available for those who are interested in them.

I am trying to learn how to use Photoshop CS3. I have seen so many beautiful scraps created using this program that I feel I must learn it so that I can produce better looking graphics for my scrap kits... a difficult task for someone who doesn't have an artistic bone in their body! Learning how to mouse draw all the things I have in my kits is a real challenge, especially things like hair... which I haven't mastered yet, by the way. *grin* Hopefully I will learn how to do this soon, and will be able to create better kits to offer.

Okay, so the 'Blue Christmas' preview is below, as is the 4shared link, for anyone who wants it to grab. Please remember to abide by my terms with the kit.... you'll find my TOU in the right sidebar... and enjoy creating your page. In the meanwhile, Happy New Year to all!


Blue Christmas by Blue Nile Scrap Designs

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