Monday, May 28, 2012

My Recent Disaster

As those who have visited me recently will know, I had adopted a policy of not putting links to the zip files of my scraps on the blog because I had seen my scraps shared in groups and on other web sites, which I didn't want to happen. My scraps are free for anyone to use in almost any manner, with the exception of someone claiming them as their own, but I wanted scrappers to visit my blog to get the scraps. That action has come back to bite me in the butt... I recently had my netbook crash, and as a result, I lost almost all of my scraps. Only two of them survived the disaster. So, I am going to be reloading those two -- 'Love Is in the Air' and 'Thanksgiving at Blue Nile' - and providing links to them from my 4Shared account so they can be downloaded by those scrappers who want them. From now on, I will do that with all of my scraps and hope that those who use them will abide by my TOU. I will also be creating some new scraps to share. I hope everyone will bear with me while I get things back up and running.

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